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areas. Wright, provide interpretive angles on these subjects. The article concludes with some comments on what is taken to be the single most crucial development at present, that after Jesus' death his followers had experiences that they thought were appearances of the risen Jesus. These early Christian experiences need to be explained viably. Wright's recent magnum opus on the resurrection of Jesus concentrates on his handling of the Jewish background to the beliefs about what had happened to Jesus. 2004). In his study Wright vigorously argues that Christian beliefs stand out as both continuous with the mainstream of Jewish thought on the subject, but also introducing a new and unexpected element, namely that no one expected an individual to rise ahead of the rest of humankind. This conclusion forms the bedrock for Wright's investigation of the New Testament traditions about Jesus and his robust defence of the traditional belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus as an historical event. The pivotal nature of his conclusion about the background beliefs therefore called for a thorough analysis of his handling of this material. This article goes some way to offering that kind of critique. Wright

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University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

While acknowledging Wright's competent handling of a wide range of primary sources, this response takes issue with his conclusions by arguing that the bodily resurrection did not happen and that the Gospel accounts are legendary and at times contradictory. a more 'spiritual' transformation associated with the Jerusalem church and the bodily resurrection associated with the Pauline churches and represented in narrative form in Mk 16.1 8. This response is divided into the following main areas: ideas of post mortal life in Judaism; 1 Corinthians 15; the Gospel narratives; and conversion visions. Wright

Resurrection Research From 1975 to the Present: What are Critical Scholars Saying?

Wright's recent book on the resurrection is the most important defence of the historical accuracy of the empty tomb and the bodily resurrection. However, his arguments do not stand up to close scrutiny. Sufficient attention is not paid to the importance of Jewish and pagan legendary traditions concerning great figures of the past. Unlike non Christian traditions, the Gospel narratives are never treated with any decree of scepticism (not even Mt. 27.52 53) which is a dubious practice for a historian. The earliest evidence for the empty tomb has no genuine eyewitness support (in contrast to the resurrection appearances) and Mk 16.8 suggests that the story was not well known. The first resurrection appearances are more likely to be visionary experiences interpreted as a bodily raised figure, which meant that the early accounts of Paul and Mark could assume an empty tomb even if historically this was not the case. WrightUniversity of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

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I know that others have posted about this, but the arrival of the email alert for JSHJ prompted me also to mention it. The lastest issue focusses on the single topic of the resurrection of Jesus with particular attention to N. T,. Wright's mammoth discussion in The Resurrection of the Son of God. Allison, JrAlthough explanations for the earliest Christian proclamation of Jesus' resurrection vary, certain standard arguments appear again and again. The present article introduces those explanations and those arguments as well as the essays in this theme issue of JSHJ, with a view to clarifying what they add to the traditional discussion.

Larry W. Hurtado

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of the argument, and suggest the cognitive processes I propose and the devotional life sketched by Hurtado are complementary.

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Gary R. Habermas

James G. Crossley

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Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, USA

Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

Resurrecting Old Arguments: Responding to Four Essays

Wright's latest book in his multi volume treatment of 'the New Testament and God' reveals an impressive amount of research and reflection on practically every topic. The size and detail of Wright's book make it difficult to do justice to it, and it requires anyone who engages it in such a limited presentation to select matters for particular attention. This is an Nike Free Tr Fit 3 Breathe

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University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

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attempt to contribute productively by offering critique of certain matters, particularly those of apologetics, Wright's portrayal of Jesus' resurrection in the New Testament, 'metaphorical' use of resurrection language, religious experience and devotion to Jesus, and variety in early Christian resurrection beliefs. But the critical focus should not be misconstrued and the overall reaction is one of appreciation and gratitude.

N. T. David Bryan is right to highlight the Enoch literature as a more fertile source of resurrection ideas than the book allowed for; but he has overstated his objection. a two stage post mortem existence, the second stage being a new embodiment. Bryan's suggested elevation of Enoch, Elijah and others as precursors of the exaltation of Nike Free Chukka Womens Jesus fails in that these figures neither die nor are resurrected. James Crossley's counter proposal resurrection stories grew from 'visions' which gave rise to the idea of an empty tomb as an attempt to 'vindicate' the 'ideas and beliefs of Jesus' fails on several counts, not least because it ignores Jesus' kingdom proclamation which was not the promulgation of ideas and beliefs but the announcement that Israel's God was going to do something that would claim his sovereignty over the world. revives the highly contentious hypothesis that the early Church was polarized between the Jerusalem apostles, who believed in a non bodily resurrection, and Pauline Christians for whom the resurrection was bodily. The claim that Mark 16.1 8 is full of contradictions and impossibilities is rejected. Larry Hurtado warns against downplaying the role of experience both in the Christian life and in describing the devotion and liturgy of the early Church. While cautioning against the use of the word 'metaphor' to mean 'less than fully real', I acknowledge the force Nike Fs Lite Run 2 Women's Running Shoes

An overview of resurrection research in Europe and North America during the last 30 years indicates some expected as well as some surprising trends. This study highlights six of these major research Nike Fs Lite Run 2 Mens Running Shoes

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