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to speak, he has also been pointed, unfiltered and frank with his answers.

And this week said that he and his wife Marilyn and the Bernardo siblings the best they can to forge ahead, knowing how horrible Paul heinous crimes were and how much destruction he caused.

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In 2004, when Toronto Police were looking at his son movements as the rapist and if he could have run across vanished Elizabeth Bain, Ken Bernardo mocked the suggestion.

It the most vocal Ken Bernardo has been on the subject of his son ex wife in any of the half dozen times I have spoken with him in the past 20 years.

far as I am concerned, Karla has got away with it and is free but that is a whole other story, he said.

not likely, Bernardo told me. think the fact that she (Karla Homolka) doesn know anything about it tells me a lot. has never been any love lost between him, his wife Marilyn and Karla.

There was discussion, he said, of moving him to Quebec to serve time at the same prison where Russell Williams was transferred.

was moved out a week ago with a bunch of others, he said.

As his sex killer son settles into his new prison cell thanks to the pending closing of his old home, Paul Bernardo father says in his opinion Karla Homolka should still be locked up behind bars, too.

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It was a contention rebuffed by the jury and Bernardo was found guilty of first degree murder and also declared a dangerous offender.

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is hard, he said of what has transpired.

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After almost two decades of calling it home, the notorious school girl killer was Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5

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But he has hinted before his disdain for the plea arrangement and accommodation she received in what was known as Deal with the Devil and that he felt Karla was more involved with these homicides than the justice system made her pay for.

It a constant source of he said.

However, while his son is his time like a man, it does irk him that his former wife Karla Homolka is free, living on the island of Guadalupe with a new husband and children, he said.

He acknowledged last week a new chapter has started for the Bernardo family, thanks to the Government of Canada decision to de commission the Kingston Pen after housing Canada most dangerous people since 1834.

'Karla has got away with it'

And, the Sun has learned, from several Corrections Canada sources that new home is down the road 20 minutes at maximum security Millhaven Penitentiary.

harder on them and it's terrible, he said from his Scarborough home. have to live with it every day. Bernardo, who said his son receives daily threats on his life, says he feels the pain of the suffering the families of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy go through.

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Ken, who himself has a sexual assault conviction on Nike Free Huarache Carnivore For Sale his record, has expressed to me in past conversations he will not walk away from his son, despite the evil acts.

Karla testified as a witness for the Crown against Paul Bernardo in exchange for a 12 year prison sentence despite the attempt by Bernardo on the stand to convince the jury that while for the deaths of French, Mahaffy and Homolka sister Tammy, he did not actually commit the murders.

Ken Bernardo said it will be a change for the family who had regularly visited their son at KP.

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In fact, when I talked to them on the day their son was arrested in 1993, both talked of a conflict they had with Karla over what would be served for supper at their 1991 wedding.

transferred out of Kingston Pen for a new home to serve out his life Nike Free Women Cheetah

In an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun on the eve of Kingston Penitentiary shutting its doors after 179 years, Ken Bernardo said it's not easy as a parent of such a notorious killer and understands worse for the families of those he was convicted of murdering.

In fact in some of those visits, he said, he met Williams wife Mary Elizabeth Harriman couple of times and found her be a very classy lady and unfairly tarnished in the media.

But Paul Bernardo ended up in Millhaven.

But his father has always felt Karla got a better shake than she deserved.

But Ken Bernardo said when he speaks with Paul these days, don talk about the past. We just go on. What can you do about it? the years, he has refused interviews and never been friendly or inviting but Ken Bernardo has also never been rude with me. He tries his best to answer the questions and, while always reluctant Nike Free Grey Orange

Ken Bernardo confirmed the transfer.


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